Please excuse the delay between my posts. I have been dealing with kidney stones and some other medical issues the last few months and just didn’t have the energy or the desire to do much of anything. Hopefully the corner has turned and I can once again resume moving forward. I do hate to stand still!

I have been involved with the computer world for quite some time now. Many years ago a program came along called SnagIt. I believe it was a beta that was free when I first saw it and was basically a print screen program.

Since then I have gone on my merry way always copying and pasting, using Paint, Clipboard, and anything else to make a replicate of my desktop. Usually the end result was huge and didn’t really convey what you wanted anyway. So over the years I kept seeing ads and mentions of SnagIt. Sometimes we feel that we are the experts and neglect to re-evaluate programs that have grown up with us over the years.

Lately I have been doing quite a bit of consulting with folks via email. It takes many, many words to convey what a picture can do in a second. I decided to take another look at SnagIt. Well, picture my surprise. I have gotten older and SnagIt has grown up. At first I saw the price and my knee jerk reaction was “$40 for a Print Screen?” As many of you probably know, I was wrong, wrong, wrong!

SnagIt is quite sophisticated, allowing you to create presentations, .pdf files, and of course print screens. Those of you that were not as stubborn as I have been using it and are shaking your heads at my ignorance, but hey, I’m coming around.

I LOVE this software. I am using it on a daily basis. It is saving me time and enabling me to be more efficient at helping people understand how to use software on their computers, from the OS to a Graphics program.

I then received another wonderful surprise. I had downloaded the program to my desktop figuring that I would use it there most. I came to realize after a few days that I wanted it on my laptop for those quick questions and to place items on my Web site. I went to its Web site and looked to see if I could purchase another license for less money. I could only find a place where I could purchase five more licenses for a reduced price. Well, I didn’t need five and thought that I was going to have to shell out the full amount to get it on my laptop.

I decided to write an email to the sales department asking about getting one extra license. I received a response from Scott Walsh from Inside Sales within minutes of my inquiry. He stated that my license for one copy allowed me to place it on my workstation AND my laptop.
Wonderful news. I am now a firm fan of Techsmith Corporation, not only for its excellent program, but for its extraordinary customer service. What a refreshing experience this has been.

Kudos to Techsmith and a job well done for Scott Walsh. Thank you.

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