I actually had another report ready for today, but since I ended up with a number of responses in regard to my thoughts on shopping with TigerDirect.

As it turns out, a number of you have had issues with their rebate system. According to what I have been told, it would seem that TD seriously needs to reevaluate their rebate program. Look, I really do feel for people that are lead to believe that a rebate is coming. But this brings me to a point that I guess I should have made a long time ago: Rebates are BS – pure and simple. Sure, there are going to be many companies that offer them and perhaps even honor them as we might expect. However, there are a number of people such as myself that are simply not willing to play the cat and mouse game to chase down these ‘mini-refunds’.

Monday thru Friday, it is not unusual for me to be putting in 11-12 hour days. I run a wide range of projects and have consulting duties on the side, too. The fact is that I don’t have the time to dance around with those idiotic rebate programs. I have seen many instances where they lure good people in with the ‘promise’ to rebate them for hundreds, only to be blindsided with reality as the rebate issuer takes their sweet time.

Look, I am the kind of guy that refuses to participate in the rebate game. Many will argue that it is a stupid choice as I ‘could’ be saving a lot of money over time. But as far as I am concerned, rebates are just a retail answer to the lottery. My opinion…

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