As I outlined the other day in my Captain 173 article, I’ve become complacent in my eating habits once again – swelling to the size of one and a half gnomes (or a Wicket & a Pixie if you’re measuring in dogweight). I’ve got 30+ pounds of fat growing on my body, and it’s time (again) to reverse the trend. I’ve done the “lifestyle change” thing twice in my life, so I’m hoping that this third time will be the charm – as I learn something new every time I set out to slim down.

If you’ve been with me from the beginning, you’ll know that I used to be a voracious low-carber (losing enough to put me at 125lbs). Years later, I sponged back to a chunky size and did the portion-watching / calorie-measuring / exercising route (losing enough to put me at a very comfortable and healthy 142lbs). I’m older still, and likely at my heaviest ever – 173lbs, trying to get back down to ~145lbs by the time Gnomedex 6.0 rolls around. I don’t want to diet, and I don’t want to maintain – I want this to be a permanent change. I have to beat that into my head, lest I face this problem again in another few years. I got lazy. I got complacent.

A few minutes ago, I got an IM from a friend who said: “Good luck with the weight. I followed a lot of your advice back in summer of last year and dropped *30* pounds. So, if you can follow your own adviece, you’ll be set.” How true. If only I had continued to listen to my advice, I wouldn’t be in a Fatty McFatFat situation today. I’m 5’5″ and 173lbs – I’m overweight for my body type.

Everybody has “weight loss” advice – although I’ve already charted my course of action, which is (indeed) the healthiest and smartest. No magic pills, no wonder shakes – just plain ol’ food balance and exercise. I still have my Gazelle, I still have an Ab Lounge, I still don’t eat sugary foods or beverages, I still don’t eat hydrogenated products – I’m good to go. Slow and steady wins the race, they say – but I’m going to need help.

Last time around, I learned about CalorieKing – using the site to look up nutritional information on various foods I consumed. I never signed up for an account because I discovered it too late into the game – but you bet your sweet bippy I’m now a paying CalorieKing member. If you decide to sign up, use the reference “lockergnome” so they know where you came from. When you download their new Windows software, you’ll understand why I think they’re leading the pack. I want an easy way to track what I’m doing – and they’ll do it for me with the least amount of fuss. Every other management tool (on the Web or on Windows) pales by comparison, IMHO. It’s my new best friend.

But are you up to the challenge, too? Perhaps we should start the “Great Lockergnome Fat Blast of 2006.” I can get a private discussion list going in no time at all. If you’re ready for a change, too – let me lead the way into weight loss. It’s much easier if we all do it together, I think. Not everybody who reads Lockergnome, mind you – just those of us who know we need to do it sooner rather than later. It’s my mid-year’s resolution. Oh, okay – I’ve set up the “FatBlasters” discussion list if you care to join and participate. There are no rules other than being honest, kind, and helpful. Let’s lose it together.

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