Today’s Warped site is one that may seem a little creepy, or better discussed during Halloween. But it has information that appeals to both the macabre interests in us, and to our sense of history. There is even some research that this site can be used for. So if you are interested, follow me… if you dare!

The site is called Find A Grave. This site is a genealogist’s dream, but its main claim to fame is that here you can find where just about anyone who was anyone is buried. Or more correctly, where their final resting place is. Here you can view gravesites of movie stars, famous politicians, the rich and famous, and the not-so-rich and famous, as well. You can search by name, location, claim to fame, or by a specific date. There is also a search engine for locating graves of others, such as relatives. There are over 9.5 million records accessible on the site, as well as discussion forums on a variety of subjects.

At first this might seem a very strange site. But many will use if for family histories, or for school research (there are many short biographies of the individuals listed here, as well as photographs). Some will look simply for the sake of looking. The Warp-o-Meter gives the site a 7 rating. So in the words of Digger O’Dell, we’ll be shoveling off now to do some looking of our own.

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