Making a Weight Loss eBook

What the heck is this Windows fanatic doing – writing about losing weight? That makes no sense, as everybody in Gnomeland is in peak condition (and he’s the only one who could stand to lose a few pounds). Assuming the preceding statement is false, I’m going to move forward with sharing my weight loss experiences with everyone – as enough inspiration has already been spread through our little discussion list. In total, I’d guess that some of us have already lost a combined weight of 20lbs in the past week or so. I wish I could’ve lost twenty in the past week on my own, but that would have been entirely unhealthy to do. Regardless, I think there’s strength in numbers – which is causing me to formulate an idea that could benefit the lot of us.

Wanna share your weight loss / maintenance / health secrets with the rest of us? Tips and tricks could be geeky or not! I’ll get the ball rolling with a few bulletpoints, and I’m hoping that you can do the same. If you can, send those tips in to me ASAP – preferably in a semi-organized list format. Tell us who you are, what you do, and why you do it. Let’s inspire each other to keep going forward! Be sure to include your name and URL if you’d like to have credit for the submission. When I’ve collected notes from about 50 of you, I’ll issue volume one of Lockergnome’s Guide to Losing Weight. At the end of the day, we’ll have a small compendium of tips that might just help another Gnomie find his or her way to a happier body. Here are a few of my favorite geeky weight loss tips:

  • Byte when you bite. While I’m certain your significant other will frown upon this, I suggest eating your meals by (or near) your computer desk. When the plate is initially set down, take a few bites and turn back to the task at hand. Five minutes later, you’ll remember that you’ve got food sitting there – take another bite or two. Then, continue working. If you’re really, truly hungry – you’ll clear the whole plate over a period of twenty minutes, and chances are you won’t want seconds .If you’re not that hungry, your plate may remain half-eaten. Good way to force yourself to take pauses in between nibbles.
  • Zone out while you burn up. I’ve been a fan of the Gazelle for a while now, as it’s quite a low-impact workout (with results that may not be immediate, but certain after a period of time). The 40-minute workout flys by when I have something to watch on the television in front of me. Don’t rely on what’s on at the time, though – as if you’re bored with the programming, the workout will drag on and on and on. Try hooking up a Media Center PC / DVR, portable DVD player for your Netflix films, or a video game system (if your hand-eye coordination is sharp).
  • Get a digital toolbelt. I bet you use the Internet every day of the average week, so use that habit to your advantage. There are countless Web resources out there to help you through initial periods of a dietary change. Just about every one of them will try to sell you something, too – but you might be able to find what you need for free. For instance, my choice (as noted when I first announced my weight loss goals) is CalorieKing. The searchable index of foods is quite comprehensive, and can easily be accessed from their site without fee. However, I’ve found their Windows desktop client to be absolutely indispensable for tracking measurements and meals (seriously, it’s one of the best pieces of software I’ve ever purchased). Hey, I’m in front of the computer anyway – it might as well be helping me get healthier, eh?! You can’t know where you’re going unless you know where you are.
  • Weigh too geeky. I know they say you shouldn’t weigh yourself more than once a week, but I like knowing how I’m doing down to .2 of a pound. For this reason, I might recommend a scale that will give you precise digital measurements. A while ago, both Ponzi and I chose a Tanita scale. It allows you to have a separate setting for up to four people. More importantly, it’s quite accurate in terms of measuring weight and BMI. It’s difficult when you first step on the scale and see how much you weigh, but at least you don’t weigh more than it says you do!

It’s true what they say: diet and exercise. Diet, however, should never be a temporary thing. Permanent changes are the only way to maintain your losses. For this reason, I’ve always steered clear from miracle fixes and wonder pills. If you’ve got helpful hints and goals that got you through that initial weight loss hump, by all means – please send ’em over for immediate inclusion in our first community-built eBook. Just blast something to me in email (but please spell-check and format cleanly beforehand). Given the amount of people who sent in tips on green tea, this shouldn’t be too much of a challenge. Send in your weight loss tips!

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