Things are definitely heating up for Google and for our privacy online. While the DOJ may have good intentions behind the desire to access Google’s search data, the search engine giant was quick to point out that by doing so they are putting a number of trade secrets in jeopardy.

(Newsbytes Via Thomson Dialog NewsEdge)A federal judge said yesterday that Google Inc. needs to turn over thousands of Web search records to the Department of Justice, which wants the information to prove that filtering software is ineffective at limiting children’s access to online pornography.

The case, which gained attention when Google refused to comply with a subpoena issued last year, is one of the first tests of how much information the government will be able to access about the behavior of Web surfers.

The Mountain View, Calif., Internet company argued in federal court last month that the government’s request could undermine public trust in the privacy of Google’s service and expose its trade secrets. Source: