Catchy subject line, eh? Well, GoDaddy just so happens to be a sponsor for The Chris Pirillo Show’s coverage of SXSW. Ponzi and I scored a handful of interviews, and Jake will be editing and uploading ’em over the course of the next week or so. Instead of waiting for the sponsor’s tagline, however – let me just tell you what those GoDaddy coupon codes are. As a listener of The Chris Pirillo Show, enter code CHRIS1 when you check out, and save an additional 10% on any order; Enter code CHRIS2 when you check out, and save an additional $5 off any order of $30 or more; Enter code CHRIS3 and get your .COM domain name for just $6.95 a year. Share the savings! Yes, you’re free to send these codes to your friends, post them to your own site, etc. They’re in the public now, and there’s nothing GoDaddy can do to stop them from spreading. I bet you’re itching to register a domain right now, eh? I just picked up two this evening: BLAUGH.COM and LINKTIVATE.COM. Yes, two new projects – both of them, relatively geeky for one and all. Any guesses to what they might be? Go ahead, wrack your brain. You’ll never guess in a zillion years. I’ll even give you a couple of clues: bLaugh rhymes with “laugh,” and Linktivate is a new service that was originally named (yes, an Austrian TLD).

I still remember registering my first domain name for $80 through Internic oh-so-many years ago. Yes, LOCKERGNOME.COM was my first domain purchase – and I’ve had it ever since (thank goodness). I believe the second domain I ever registered was a vanity plate of sorts, PIRILLO.COM – and I’m glad I snapped up my own last name before someone else did. Over the years, I’ve registered countless domains – including ones I registered and then let expire (good ones, too). There’s a multi-million dollar business in buying and selling domain names. You’ve gotta have a keen ear and a big wallet to do really well with domain name brokering, though. Heaven forbid you ever run into a domainmonger who doesn’t want to relinquish his/her purchase. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to find an alternative because I wasn’t willing to deal with a cybersquatter (at all). I’ve snagged a .NET before, and a .BE to boot, but the only TLD that’s worth grabbing is the ever-pervasive dot-COM. Everybody adds a dot-COM to the end of every word, anyway. Domains will forevermore begin with WWW and end with dot-COM. Save yourself the frustration, despite claims that .INFO and .BIZ are better.

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