When you run a resource on the Internet, you’re sure to gain a number of regular visitors, but besides the occasional congratulatory or hate-filled feedback message, you probably don’t really know all that much about the people who check out what you have created. The problem is that if you aren’t informed as to what type of people are visiting your site, then how are you going to deliver content that keeps them coming back for more? Also, your visitors would probably like to be able to interact with each other in some way or another, and with Frappr!, you and your followers will get a better handle on the global audience that you command.

This service allows you to create a map that can be placed on your Web site with ease. The whole purpose behind the idea is that your visitors can add their location to the map, leave a message to accompany it, and even include photos. Watching the map get populated with postings is definitely the fun part. Frappr! exposes the human element behind the numbers that flock to your site, and it’s sure to make you appreciate the people that care enough about your resource to participate in it.