Are Java and .NET really that bad? I have been hearing on a regular basis that Java is just too darn slow to be useful to anyone. And of course .NET is just too crash-happy to be very useful to most folks, right?

Well you know what, I think that my previous observations should count as a blanket statement that might be a little unfair. Think about this: While both technologies have their flaws, we as users are certainly free to use other apps that do not employ either option.

Take Java for instance. Java will most certainly go amazingly slowly if you throw enough data at it. Then again, you are working off of something that might be described as an OS within an OS; not in a literal sense of course, but close enough nonetheless.

I use Java programs like DVArchive all the time. Sure, if I toss enough schedule information at it, the app is going to really start crawling. But consider this: Where else am I going to get each and every one of the options that the program provides to me? And for free, no less.

As for .NET, I will simply state that I have yet to use one of the apps based on it that did not have at least one bug. By the same token however, .NET apps have proved to be of such value that I continue to tolerate any issues that I may have. Apparently there are times when slow and buggy are in fact, tolerated.

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