It wasn’t that long ago that Alienware was considered the cream of the corn in terms of computers. It was (and still is) a very expensive gaming machine. Many users, on the other hand, think that the price is definitely worth it – and not just to have that little alien on the PC’s case! In addition, Dell isn’t really seen as a company that manufactures gaming computers, despite its ongoing effort to push its gaming division.

It was announced Wednesday morning that Dell is purchasing Alienware Corp. – as part of a push for users to understand Dell’s significant gaming investment. On that note, Alienware, based in Miami, FL, will continue to operate a completely separate unit and keep its development, marketing, sales, and technical support units. Perhaps most important, Alienware will continue to keep its brand. A side note; Dell had a revenue of a whopping $55.9 million, compared to Alienware’s $200 million last year. Also, Dell will be launching a US$9900 version of its current high-end gaming PC, the XPS line.

[Source: Reuters]