Imation is well known for its data media and while others have called its latest media archiving device, the Clip USB 2.0 Flash Drive, lame, I think they’re mighty fine. I guess those who don’t like it don’t have too many doors to unlock in their lives, so the really tight fitting USB fob on their key rings doesn’t matter as much as for the rest of us in the world that seem to have a hard time getting our USB thumb drives on our rings. Heck, these even come with the cool rock-climber-like quick-release clips! I think Imation totally thought this one out and it even did an iPod mini-like color variety thing. While not U3 compliant, it does at least come with data protection and for between $29.99 and $119.99 for sizes in the range of 256MB to 2GB, these USB drives aren’t bad at all.

[Via Mobilewhack]

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