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There has been a lot of attention paid to hearing loss and MP3 players, especially ones that use earbud headsets, and particularly (of course), the iPod. In fact, if you recall from my earlier story, Apple had been sued over iPod-caused hearing loss.

The free update, available for video iPods and all iPod Nano models, also includes a parental lock option. After setting the volume limit, parents can lock the setting with a combination code to prevent children from raising the maximum volume without their knowledge.

The move follows a string of news articles and research reports, including a recent hearing in Washington, warning people not to listen to their MP3 players at excessive volume levels for prolonged periods.

The Mac maker also faces a class-action lawsuit that charges the company of not taking adequate steps to prevent hearing loss among American iPod consumers, despite limiting the output of the devices to 100 decibels in France. Source: News.com

We Say: As the article says, this sort of limit was in place in France (ironically, which Apple might pull out of, because of the new law regarding DRM that appears to be on its way to passing) , so why didnít Apple just anticipate this and offer a fix globally, before?

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