Sometimes you have files that you just want to get rid of. The problem is that your computer thinks you are still using them or you still need them. The solution? Download Force Delete.

Here is what the developer of Force Delete has to say.

This program’s purpose is to remove files or force deletion of files that may be used by other programs and cannot be normally deleted. Notice that there are cases when file deletion is impossible. Can integrate with Internet Explorer; after that, you can delete a file by right-pressing on it and selecting Force Delete.

Now you can get rid of those annoying files that you wouldn’t be able to get rid of before. Make sure that you are only deleting files that won’t get you in trouble. System files and dangerous things of that matter shouldn’t be messed with.

So is your computer hanging on you? Give Force Delete a shot and get rid of that file that is annoying you.

[31K] [Win98/ME/NT/2k/XP] [FREE]

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