I must be missing something here. OK, most of us know that NVIDIA has an open policy for manufacturer overclocks. Therefore, this leaves us wondering where ATI might stand on the issue? Well hang onto your hats’ kids – I am not sure that ATI is even clear on their own policy!

Look, the fact remains that no one is going to get anything RMA’d once it has been overclocked by the user, this is a obvious. But where does ATI really stand with regard their partners? Well, allegedly they appear to be very open to the idea of overclocking according to a recent piece by DailyTech. In my opinion, I believe that they will be cutting themselves off at the feet if the partner chooses to do any pre-sale overclocking. Confused yet? Great! Then we are making progress…

Look, I personally believe that none of the cards should ever be overclocked by ATI partners. While the likelihood of this ever happening is slim, we ought the remember that NVIDIA is apparently OK with this and therefore, it should be on a card by card basis. Well, at least I am more OK with this than the alternative of them doing what they wish.

What do you think? Should the overclocking be left to the consumer? Perhaps instead, we should trust manufacturers to make this decision for us?

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