1 – I know my feed subscribers are getting my messages. Are they opening them? That’s all on me.

2 – RSS forces me to market better by understanding my market. Thanks to Feedburner, I know what they like. So I give them more.

3 – They’ve got to pick me! Before they click me! If you got that joke, my apologies. But when you think about RSS, and how the process differs from subscribing to an ezine, it really does bring you a more targeted crowd.

First, they have to pick your site to subscribe via RSS, basing that decision on at least a faint desire to follow your content. Then, when subscribed, they have to pick you from the list of publishers in bold. Then, they’ve got to pick an interesting headline so they can decide how many of your posts they’re going to read. And if they like that, they then have to decide whether to click through to the site to comment, for trackback, or for some other reason.

4 – They buy stuff. Not that my ezine subscribers don’t. Not that I don’t still love the ones who don’t. But when I send my feed subscribers to an identical page at a different location than I do my ezine subscribers, and I get more leads and sales from my RSS folk. I won’t give up being able to send email without a fight – there’s a different intimacy to email that I dig on. But if I have a subscriber drive, it will be for RSS users.

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