Yesterday I came across an interesting article that someone posted to an internal company blog that I read from time to time. Well, the basis of it seems to mainly encompass the idea of a new kind of management style; a manager 2.0 if you will. Crazy I know, but once you get past the 2.0 jokes, there are some interesting points being made here that might be worth a second look.

So now comes the question: Should all technology companies operate like Web 2.0 companies? I certainly don’t think so, however some of the ideas expressed in this type of managerial style might work when balanced with common sense.

The one approach that I have always felt is very important is honestly involving your employees in company decisions. Logically the managers will have the final word, however who’s to say that the next big idea is going to come from the top of the food chain?

Another point that does work in many cases is allowing the employee of said tech company to set their own deadlines and goals. While this may sound risky, if you trusted them enough to hire them in the first place then perhaps allowing them to self-manage is a good approach to a more productive atmosphere.

So what about the employees? Do they not also have to mature past the perceived business 1.0 mentality as well? As one comment offered in this article states, we need to also consider that it is time for the employees to work to beat expectation and perhaps, even try to completely surpass them. After all, success comes to those who are willing to work and work smart.

Well, that’s it for me. I will see all of you on Monday!

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