According to my bathroom scale, I have a BMI of 25 – which is borderline overweight/normal. It sends a small electrical signal through my body when I stand barefoot atop the sensors and does all the math for me (after I’ve programmed my height and age). Not a perfect measurement, but I’d say it’s pretty accurate. I don’t feel normal yet – and won’t feel that way until I’ve gone the distance.

In less than a month, I’ve gone from ~175lbs down to 160. This brings me to the halfway point of my initial weight loss goal (145, if you do the math). I can’t say that this lifestyle adjustment has been simple, but I will say that it’s been far easier than previously anticipated. I’m using my geek skills to get me through, including a sweat-inducing workout on my Gazelle both last night and this morning. How is that geeky?

I pulled a 90-minute exercise session (without blinking) last night while I was playing Feeding Frenzy on the Xbox 360 – racking up a few achievements. I pulled an hour on it this morning, getting even more Feeding Frenzy achievements. I tell ya, the only way to work out is with a video game controller in your hand. I’ve tried it with television shows, but plain ol’ TV just doesn’t enable me to work up a sweat like a good PSP game or Xbox 360 diversion does. It’s not just forcing my mind to do something else, it’s keeping my controller steady, applying dexterity to the buttons, keeping my balance on the glider, etc.

You might consider trying it, too – if you like playing games at all. I’m not talking the shoot ’em up first-person-shooter diversions, though. What about all those mindless Flash games you know and love? That’s why the Xbox 360 is perfect; the $10 jobbies keep me entertained for hours. And now, they’re helping me lose weight. There’s probably a “weight loss plan” in there somewhere? I can’t expect everybody to have the same balancing abilities as I do, but I’m certain there are plenty of recumbant devices on the market. Still, I believe the key is in exercising your mind while you’re exercising your body. I’ve yet to see one of those “exercise solution” commercials sell that as a package.

160! Watching calories has been part of it… smaller meals have been part of it… more frequent munching has been part of it… daily workouts have been part of it… CalorieKing’s exercise and nutrition manager has been part of it… FatBlasters has been part of it… Green tea has been part of it. I’ll “weigh in” again when I hit 155, with the final ten pounds countdown. Until then, I will leave you to your regularly scheduled geeking.

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