OK, this is unusual! When was the last time you expected to see Microsoft keynoting at a Linux convention. More importantly, you have to admire the person who is doing this! Wow, talk about guts…

LinuxWorld began today in Boston, and Microsoft is continuing its involvement with the big open-source conference. On Thursday, Bill Hilf, who heads Microsoft’s open-source and Linux lab, is scheduled to give a keynote address about making open-source software work better with (or “interoperate,” to use the tech lingo) proprietary programs such as those from Microsoft.

Along those lines, Microsoft announced that it will support the use of Linux as part of its Virtual Server program, which partitions a computer server to run multiple operating systems. See coverage by CNet News.com.

It won’t be Hilf’s first LinuxWorld appearance: You may remember him as one of the Microsofties who appeared at the last LinuxWorld in a Stormtrooper outfit, walking out on stage to the “Imperial March” as part of an effort to poke fun at the company’s “Evil Empire” reputation. Source: Seattle PI

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