Looking for a good movie tonight? Want some offbeat entertainment to kill some downtime at work? Better yet, do you have some interesting videos or movies that you want to share? There are many people out there that are just like you. Not just like, but have similar interests as you. Anyway, there are enough that Internet Video Magazine created a Web site for those interests.

The site is called The World’s Best Video Web Sites. It is a collection of interesting Web sites with a variety of material for viewing. These short reviews (complete with links) give a good description of the site and the contents. For example, Big-Boys.com has an annual college video contest, where it pays over $20,000 for original videos. Then there is thewebvideo.com which has nine video-on-demand channels, from health, travel, politics and music videos.

Then there is “My Big Fat Independent Movie,” a full-length comedy that includes spoofs from some of the indie film world’s most renowned movies including “Memento,” “Pulp Fiction,” “Magnolia,” “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” “Amelie,” “Run Lola Run,” “El Mariachi,” “The Good Girl,” “Pi,” “Swingers” and many others. Make sure you watch their new theatrical trailer, one of the few this year to receive an R rating from the MPAA. This was my favorite site, as it shows how to make a move and not spend a lot of money to do it.

So if you’re bored, or just looking for some unusually warped Web site, check this one out. The Warp-o-Meter gives it an 8.0 for the amount and variety of material that is contained here.

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