I’m still recovering from this week’s personal events, but I did happen to catch a response to one of Dan’s articles on Network Attached Storage Devices from Lockergnomie Jeff Schwarz:

The problems with NAS being available to the consumer today are, one: price of available units, and two: reliability of those units. I recently bought two Netgear SC101 NASs that have room for two hard drives each, a possibility of a terabyte of data or 500 gig in a RAID 1 configuration. The hardware is fine, however, after several exasperating weeks of trying to get these units working on my network, I’ve given up trying. The units have a proprietary piece of software that must be loaded on to every PC that will be connecting to it. I have yet to be able to get these units to work correctly after any reboot of the connected PCs. The attached drive disappears and cannot be reconnected. The software is horrible as is the technical support from Netgear, who constantly refer you to the feeble FAQs on its Web site.

I picked up a used 1.4 gig PC from PC Surplus Online for $179.00 and added three 200 gig HDDs that we got from CompUSA last weekend for $29.99 each on sale, and turned the unit into a file server on my home network. We now run daily backups from all our home PCs (3) using the Replicator program (free) from Karen’s Power Tools at 2:00am. My cost is under $400 for everything, and it works. If I want to upgrade to a RAID solution, I just need to buy a PCI RAID card from Tiger Direct for $20.00.

In one of Technobabble’s older articles on Network Attached Storage, Microsoft’s definition of a storage area network is shared: “A specialized network that provides access to high performance and highly available storage subsystems using block storage protocols. The SAN is made up of specific devices, such as host bus adapters (HBAs) in the host servers, switches that help route storage traffic, and disk storage subsystems. The main characteristic of a SAN is that the storage subsystems are generally available to multiple hosts at the same time, which makes them scalable and flexible.”

Why can’t this stuff just be easy – and affordable?!

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