In the USA, the Tax man cometh next week (on Monday, the 17th of April). I still remember the first time I ever heard about taxes, too – do you? For me, it was through a Bugs Bunny cartoon where they were re-enacting the American Revolutionary War. I didn’t quite understand why some fancy dude was bouncing around, scattering thumbtacks everywhere – but I thought it was funny. Then, there was the classic movie musical, Popeye (starring Robin Williams); there was a tax man who insisted on taxing everything, including a 17 cents new-in-town tax, 45 cents rowboat-under-the-wharf tax, and one dollar leaving-your-junk-lying-around-the-wharf tax. Again, I thought it was funny – until I actually had to start paying my taxes. Suddenly, joking aboud random taxes wasn’t funny anymore. It was funny on a completely different level, rather. When I became an adult, I started to take taxes quite seriously. Given that my dad’s a CPA (that’s a Certified Public Accountant), I was a little familiar with the tax territory. You’d think the knowledge I’ve gained would help us get through tax season? My dad used to help everybody with their state and federal tax preparations, which was a family bonus (much like I provide “Pirillo tech support” when I’m feeling patient enough).

Peachtree, TurboTax, TaxAct, Quicken… I’ve seen ’em all, though I can’t say I’ve ever used any of the tax software products. Color me gunshy; I still remember failing math tests in high school because I’d forget one silly little step. No, Ponzi takes care of most financial matters in this house – though we do discuss general trends and budgets in public places (which keeps our conversations much more civil than they would be in the privacy of our own home). Finances can be tricky to balance, but you certainly don’t wanna screw up the reporting when it comes to Uncle Sam (who just did a cameo appearance in a recent episode of Family Guy). Everybody hopes for a tax refund when all is said and done, although I haven’t received a check from the government for a while. Not sure if you’re planning on doing taxes yourself, going to a place like H&R Block, or employing a family member in exchange for pizza and beer – but whatever you do, tax early and tax often. Wait – I think I’ve just mixed a metaphor? I bet there’s a tax on that.

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