How do you set things up so you are signed in MSN Messenger using two different accounts at the same time? I have an account with my new friends, but I also have an account that I use with others that I want to talk to at the same time.

You’re not alone. I get this question frequently. Sadly, MSN Messenger, or its lesser twin, Windows Messenger, simply don’t allow you to do this. At least not directly.

But, as they say, we have ways of letting you talk.

MSN Messenger only allows you to run once instance at a time, and that one instance can only log in as a single user. The same is true for Windows Messenger. The upshot is that each of these simply cannot use multiple accounts at the same time.

At least not on their own.

And therein lies the answer.

You can run MSN Messenger at the same time as Windows Messenger, and each could be logged into a different account. Or for that matter, you could use MSN’s Web-based messenger service in addition to either, or both, of the instant messaging applications.

Or, you could use Trillian, Gaim, or perhaps other IM clients. Trillian and Gaim are multi-protocol instant messaging clients that allow you to use a single program to talk to MSN, AIM, Yahoo! and other IM buddies. These can be run along side the IM clients mentioned so far, so you could, for example, use Trillian to talk using one account, and MSN Messenger to talk using another.

And finally, Trillian actually supports multiple accounts natively. You can configure it with two (or presumably more) MSN identities, and chat at the same time using both.

You can even chat with yourself, if that kind of thing appeals to you.


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