When you rely on your printer to produce quality printouts on demand, there is no time for a delay due to misinformation from your printing machine. Unfortunately, a common occurrence in the new Epson model ink jet printers is that the chip will think the printer is out of ink when in fact it is not. In order to guarantee that this does not happen to you, it is wise to use a chip resetter.

Beginning in 2000, Epson began the addition of chips onto the 870 series cartridges. These cartridges, referred to as “intellidge,” can now be found in all current Epson printers. The chip essentially sits on the cartridge and is connected to the circuitry in the printer. When the chip detects that the micro-droplets printed have reached their maximum, it disables the printer. Despite the fact that your cartridge may not actually be empty, the chip will still prevent you from completing your print job displaying an message that you are out of ink. The presence of this chip will also prevent your printer from recognizing when you refill the same cartridge with ink as it will only remember the amount of ink printed. In principle, it is useful to have a way of monitoring the life span of your cartridge, but if your printer is constantly being overruled by an overzealous chip, you need to find a way to rectify the situation. The addition of an Epson chip resetter will ensure that your print jobs are not interrupted unnecessarily.

The Epson chip resetter has the ability to override a difficult chip that is telling your printer that it is out of ink. With a resetter tool, it is possible, whenever necessary, to reset the memory chip. This simple resetting process allows the printer to recognize that a new cartridge has been installed and is full.

To make the addition of a resetter tool even easier it is possible to purchase a universal resetter that can reset any Epson printer cartridge chip. To use your new tool, remove your colour or black cartridge from your printer and place the resetter against the green chip on the cartridge. A light will flash then become solid green, indicating that your chip has been successfully reset. Now you are ready to replace the cartridge into your printer.

No one likes it when a mechanism that is designed to make life easier, actually makes life more difficult. Unfortunately, the addition of the Epson chips onto the cartridges of many printers has had just that effect. To ensure that your print job is never unnecessarily interrupted again, and to safeguard the efficiency of your printer, use an Epson chip resetter. The tool is easy to use and in the end, will spare you aggravation and save you precious time.

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