Generally speaking, I am a huge fan of online privacy. So when I heard that the US Government was interested in using PayPal to catch tax cheats, I found myself having mixed feelings.

On the one hand, I hate to think that only some of us are paying all of the taxes that we owe while others have found a way to use technology to avoid a lions share. I mean, that hardly seems fair to anyone. I dislike dealing with tax time as much as the next guy, however making sure that we do things on the up and up is important.

And then of course there is PayPal. Unlike other companies that collect data about our online activities, this company has many bank-like functions. If they refused to cooperate at all, it would very well spell increased problems using services like it legitimately in the future. With any luck we can find a happy medium where as PayPal can cooperate to an extent, but do so without completely selling us out. I guess my concern is for the day when this goes from a government issue into a private issue for civil matters. You know, with PayPal only too willing to turn over records of their users to anyone that requests it. Tell me that would not be a scary thought…

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