I personally believe that if more people read books like this, the world of Open Source would quite possibly make a heck of a lot more sense.

Karl Fogel is no stranger to open source development. He makes a living writing programs (and enjoys playing piano as well). In fact, Karl spent 5 years toiling on the Subversion project. So he took his experience, zoomed way out of the process, and explains it all in a book: Producing Open Source Software. It’s very well-written, in plain words, and cuts to the heart of the matter: herding squirrels. Not really, but there is a lot of great info on the purpose, point, and procedures common to open source software. I’ll agree with Karl, it’s too easy to just say it’s fun to write apps, and hope to slap together a group to do just that. Great read for those of you looking to get into the oss world. By the way, you can buy the book from O’Reilly, but the link I provided will also take you the PDF and other ebook format versions… Source: Download Squad

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