Last time, I told you about the whole OS/2 thing and getting it released under the GPL/OSS license. A few people contacted me and it became apparent that OS/2 is far from dead. Maybe it’s more akin to being in a hospital in a coma. The question is: When will it wake up? I emailed IBM in an effort to try and get an answer, but to no avail. All I got was the usual office bureaucracy. ‘It’s not my job so phone this number…’ If anything, I promise all the OS/2 fans out there that, no matter what, I will get feedback from IBM.

If you work at IBM and you can help me, or if you know somebody at IBM that can help me, please contact me. People, the future is not in Windows! Microsoft has made millions through the sale of Windows and we have all become sheep; it is now time to move forward. Although I don’t think the future of the PC is nestled in the Linux stable, I think Linux has some promise. The only problem with Linux seems to be the very lengthy installation process and then the difficulty in installing new applications. Until the Linux developers fix this problem, they will not see sufficient growth in their operating system.

The fault lies also with us, the end users who just sit around using the same old operating system every day. When we start telling ourselves that the operating system we are using is not sufficient for our needs, we will realise that we are not getting what we paid for. As for the whole OS/2 debate, I have been trying to get to someone at IBM that can help me but all those crazy people keep on referring me back to IBM South Africa. When, one day, I have success, I will come and tell you all the good news!