We made it to Iowa, safe and sound – almost. The ride from Seattle to Denver was extraordinarily bumpy. We were on United, so I was able to quell my fears through Channel 9 (I love listening to the chatter, gaining a better understanding of what the pilots are doing / are about to do). No emergency there. However, before taking off for Des Moines, Ponzi started to feel a bit of discomfort in her right eye – as if dirt got in there somehow. She tried eye drops, but the irritation wasn’t going away. We were now out of state, but wanted to make sure that this wasn’t a serious situation. It wasn’t quite an emergency health situation, but we weren’t sure if plain ol’ flushing would do the trick. Ponzi got on the phone with our health insurance provider (GroupHealth, which is truly a wonderful organization as I’ve come to discover) to ask for options. An emergency room visit would likely be covered, although the cost of permanent eye damage is far higher than any medical bill. As Ponzi was closing the call, my mom was getting of the phone with Dad – who just broke his wrist, and needed a ride to the hospital.

We drove over to the scene of the incident, finding him surrounded by several paramedics and officers. His wrist, indeed, was severely dislocated. I didn’t have time to tell him we were there when an ambulance pulled up behind us. Looks like this situation was more serious than previously anticipated. I told Mom to ride with Dad in the ambulance, and Ponzi and I took the car down to Mercy Hospital here in Des Moines – where he would be diagnosed and treated. Our first day back in Iowa was spent largely dealing with medical issues – and I’m writing this particular report while lying on a couch in the surgery waiting room. Ponzi’s fine; an extreme flushing and tetanus shot took care of her problem. Dad is currently getting repaired on the operation table; his left wrist has been shattered, and the doctors are doing all they can to try to help the injury heal with the least amount of long-term effects.

I’m likely spending the night here, with most of my immediate family with me. Plans are shifting slightly, but I’m just hoping for the best with Dad. I have every confidence he’ll heal and exceed expectations. We Pirillos have a penchant for ignoring professional advice (which sometimes helps, and sometimes hinders). It’s good to know the emergency room is here when we need it. And it’s also good to know that family is here, too. Our timing was impeccable, apparently. I got to see quite a few new medical gadgets and gizmos – including a new-fangled wand that they can wave over the surface of your face and (by that) determine your temperature. Then, I got to see how an orange liquid in Ponzi’s eye helped the doctor determine if it had been scratched (after viewing it under a black light). Medical science is just too cool for the room. The real geeks are the health geeks, my friends.

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