Thought I might share the latest round of feedback from the article on the IRS and Paypal:

Jeff writes:
“You know, with PayPal only too willing to turn over records of their users to anyone that requests it. Tell me that would not be a scary thought…”
Now consider how scary Yahoo is since they started whole-hearted cooperation with the Chinese government in identifying subversives! I thank goodness that I only have one Yahoo e-mail address and don’t use it for anything even remotely like serious business.

John writes:

Why should PayPal be any different than any other bank? Banks in the US have to account for the money that goes through their books, so PayPal should have to do the same. The government (us, we, you and me) are just trying to make the people who use this service in an illegal manner pay their fair share, rather than diverting their “cash” to sources outside the country.

OK, so maybe the two entities working together is not such a good thing?

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