Leo Laporte’s This Week in Tech (TWiT) is a great podcast that I’ve been listening to since day one. Leo has had Steve Wozniak on the show many times and for Episode 48, he brings employee number 1 along with some other single digit Apple employees to talk about Apple’s beginning years.

You’ll hear how Steve and Steve first met (with alternate versions from the guy that introduced them and the guy that met Jobs 🙂 ); how Woz and Jobs had the perfect senior prank set up (that failed); how Jobs was the man that made it all come together; how Woz was and still is the inspiration of Apple. With some great insight on past releases (Andy Hertzfeld said that the Apple III and Lisa “stumbled” and wasn’t what Apple had hopped for,) as well as current Apple offerings.

One thing you really get from hearing this podcast is that excitement is still alive. Woz told Laporte, “I can remember what I did 30 years ago when I made the Apple I but couldn’t tell you what I did yesterday.” It was that excitement of making the worlds first affordable computer that drives this excellent 30 year memory lane podcast that I know you’ll all enjoy listening to. Thanks, Leo!

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