Before I even comment on Google Calender, let me share something with you. I am a PDA users. Yup, even as a Smart Phone owner, I still use the Palm OS of my Tungsten PDA. And since I am so old fashion, I fail to get all that excited about the Google calender as it fails to sync to my needed device. Sorry Google.

It’s hard to beat a pocket diary: there’s still no more practical way of keeping track of where you or your kids should be, and when. But last week’s launch of Google Calendar could encourage more people to explore the possibilities of putting their schedules online.

Google had long been expected to add a calendar to its growing portal – everyone else has one – but it’s also a growth area. The past year has seen the arrival of more than a dozen calendar sites, with the most visible being 30Boxes, Airset, Kiko and SpongeCell. If the online calendar market is about to take off, Google Calendar should be ready.

There are, of course, advantages to going online. First, you can share your schedule with other people; for example, you can have separate shared calendars for family members, fellow workers or members of a club. Second, you can subscribe to lists of events, which means you can add, say, concert dates or your favourite sports teams matches without typing them all in. Third, you can’t easily misplace an online calendar – and anybody who has lost a Filofax will appreciate how devastating that can be. You can make your online calendar handily portable just by printing it out, and if you lose that, it’s easy to print another copy…. Source: Guardian Unlimited