Ahhh, yesterday was Tuesday. The best day of the week. A day with the panache that the other days of the week lack. Especially Monday. THAT day has it out for everyone. But Tuesday is a day of nonchalance. A great day to get outside for stroll. Although we’d prefer if you stayed right where you are and played a game. Don’t worry, today’s game, Lumpy Artist, has a strolling element to it. So you won’t be totally missing out on Tuesday ambulations.

In Lumpy Artist you’re given the task of keeping a tightrope-strolling moose from tumbling to his death. As he walks along, different difficulties will come along that could unbalance the poor moose. Wind, rain, and magically appearing buckets will join forces against your moose. Your job is to keep his center of balance centered for as many steps as possible.

A fun, cartoony game with unique gameplay.

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