One of the worst things about WAP is that it just never took off. Finding sites that were WAP compliant that were of any use was pretty much, well, useless. To get the weather, search for local restaurants, ATMs, and such on your PDA or smartphone was left to the big screen sites. That meant lots of scrolling and “gluing” the screens together in your head to make any sense of the information. Lately, things are improving with “small Web sites” that are fitted for the 240 x 320 screens of PocketPCs and similar sized Palms.

Now the same people that brought you TripBoss have put together a great little site for travelers that will fit just snazzy in small screens. Such supported devices are the BlackBerry, Palm Treo, Windows Mobile powered Smartphones and Pocket PC’s, Symbian, and Palm OS based handhelds. Mobile Travel Aide is a little Web site that helps you in your travel finding you restaurants, maps, currency rates, flight status, and even mobile software. I would have liked to seen a link to a hotspot finder, too, but I’m sure it’ll be added real soon.

I tried it out and it is nice, small, and quick. Even on my slow 1xRTT connection, pages came down quickly and searches were preformed just as fast. Many of the sites that perform your searches are other mobile web sites, such as Google Mobile, but having it all in one easy to find place makes this a sure bookmark. Heck, it helped educate me to the fact that my small town has a Honk Kong restaurant that I never even knew existed. Think what I’ll find when I’m away from home!

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