Groups can be wonderful or terrible, productive or stagnant, imprisoning or freeing, conformist or creative. In our personal lives, when a group doesn’t satisfy our needs, we can often walk away. But in our work world, this is usually not the case. This site will help you develop the skills you need to make sure your groups we are effective – whether you are the “leader” of the group or not.

“We must develop an understanding of how groups work, what separates effective from ineffective groups. It is important that we develop the tools and skills to know whether a group is effective or not before it is too late and to know how to take corrective action if changes are needed. A Group needs some bases for evaluating its processes as it carries out a given task. The group needs to raise such questions as “are we working in the right way?” “Are we avoiding the important issues?” “Are we falling into some traps that will cause this group to fail?”

Find out how.

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