Earlier I was tinkering with my installation of the open source video aggregator known as Democracy Player. As my day went on, I finally decided that I might hit their blog to alert them to a couple of minor bugs in this beta software. Within a matter of minutes, I received an email from one of their reps and he was anxious to see if he could help. Wow, I wish more “closed source” apps offered a response like that.

Anyway I am quite hopeful that we can figure out what the problem was, it was sort of irritating. Nothing more frustrating than really cool software that’s still in Beta, yet showing signs of almost ‘getting there’ with regard to stability.

Hey, if you have not had a chance to try it yet, you might want to give it a shot. There are obviously basic use features not quite there yet, but it’s close.

Another technology based goodie that is getting used everyday in my household is most definitely Pandora. More than likely I have mentioned this once before, but I am telling you that this blows away any local playlist that I can come up with. If you are into listening to a station that meets with your taste and perhaps even enjoy discovering new tunes, go with Pandora.com. Once you do, I am willing to bet that you are sure to love it. One other thing to remember though, folks. If a song comes up that you dislike, you must share this with the Web app by clicking on the album art to prevent having to deal with the song again. I’m just saying…

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