Received this via my Gmail account today, thought it was definitely interesting and wanted to share it with you:

I was looking for a way to display rss feeds without having to install something on my PC. So I bought a flash based rss ticker component and made a few custom feeds for myself. Once I saw how useful they were, I figured someone else might want to put “News” on their sites too.

One thing that has always bothered me about rss feeds is that it is so hard to explain to “non-techies” how to use them or what they are for. Without an installed RSS reader, they really don’t do much for the average joe.

I just put up a page at and added a nice convenient way to copy the (script) code to add the exact same ticker to any other website. Since the tickers are flash based, and IE is starting to put borders and “click to activate” messages on all flash objects, I had to put the code in a (script) which actually makes the code smaller when placing on external websites.

Even this might still be confusing to the average joe, but I figure the Lockergnome readers are techie enough to get it.


This a fascinating way to get the information to folks that either do not like RSS aggregators or simply don’t ‘get it’. Believe me, this happens more than you might imagine. Heck, I can think of a number of people who are still mystified by the concept of needing to login to a bank’s Website rather than just wondering in with no authentication. It’s pretty sad. Anyway, thanks Shawn. I like what you did and with any luck this will bring you a little press.

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