MySpace is all the rage these days. Everybody’s there – even me. Yes, I have a profile on MySpace. Why? I still don’t know. For the truly curious, MySpace is an online social networking site of sorts – a gateway for you to discover or rediscover old friends and new friends. You haven’t heard of MySpace yet? You’ve been living under a digital rock. Think of it as a socialized version of the original home page. Is it a blog? Yes and no. It’s potentially your space on the Web – just another way for folks to find and/or communicate with with you. Bands are using MySpace to promote their albums – one of which I just purchased based on what I heard through their MySpace page. TV shows are using MySpace to promote upcoming episodes. I’d wager that some of you out there are already using MySpace, too – so why not let’s be friends over there? When you visit my public profile, don’t expect to see too many details (or more than you already know about me). You’ll have the opportunity to “add to friends,” provided you already have a free MySpace account set up. Right now, it says I have 185 friends – but most of them only know me through the Internet. Just like you, probably. So let MySpace be another space for you to discover more (potential) friends.

Yes, MySpace is for “kids” of all ages – which is one of the reasons some people have been critical of it in recent months. However, one of my true friends has a MySpace profile – and she lets her kids have profiles on there, too. As with any Internet-based activity in the family, it’s important that you keep an eye on what your children might be doing with their account(s). Assuming you’re responsible, consider checking out the thousands of groups to discover who else loves what, lives where, or likes who you do. And why bring up MySpace over any other social network? That’s easy. It’s reached critical mass – where there are enough non-geeks using it to make the service worthwhile for geeks, too. Millions of people use MySpace. I’d be willing to bet that you’re using it, too – or you’ve heard of it already, at least. Just like the YouTube service, which I finally used for the first time today – to upload a funny video of me on the airplane yesterday. When I first started uploading videos to the Internet, something like YouTube wasn’t there – and people had no easy way of discovering what I was doing. Now MySpace aims to put me in touch with new and old friends online. I’ve got my space on MySpace. Friend?

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