I often wonder while resetting my Pocket PC how in its fifth generation Windows CE is still so unstable. Just this morning, I wake up at 4:00 a.m. to go off to work and I pick up my UTStarcom XV6700 out of its cradle and there it says on the Today screen “Please insert storage card” for Spb Diary. Great, once again, WM 5 doesn’t see the card. So after about ten minutes of fooling around with it (Windows renamed the miniSD Storage Card2) I was almost back in business. But Spb Diary still was giving the same message and per my investigation, gone was all my installed applications in Storage CardProgram Files. Well, PocketInformant was moved to the back-up folder I had created two days earlier. Joy.

So here I am, scratching my head trying to figure out, how can Microsoft think this device is even ready for prime time? This storage card issue isn’t the first time this has happened and I’ve had to reset the device many times before because installed programs on the miniSD were not responding thus locking up the XV6700. How’s that smart, Bill? Speaking of Bill, you know his smartphone’s having the same type of issues. Why isn’t he pushing to fix these problems that have plagued the baby OS for years? Beats me.

The stickler on all of this is that the Palm OS is so much more stable, but so much more stale, too. Maybe the stability of it is because there are no new features, but I’m sure some of the needed features to compete with Microsoft could be added and the stability retained. But we all know the Palm OS is pretty much history as Cobalt — announced two years ago — never came and since its buy-out, PalmSource probably will never update the very aged 5.x version of the once cutting-edge handheld operating system.

So, without an Apple-like company to compete with Microsoft, hopes are probably slim for my smartphone to improve. Sure, there’s Blackberry, but it’s not really going for the PDA/Phone space. RIM still is stuck in the mail centric idea while slapping a phone into the mix which is all it really has done. I think Symbian is probably the best and only hope of anything happening, but since that’s pretty much only Nokia’s game (now that Motorola has ditched the OS in favor of Windows Mobile,) don’t hold your breath.

I guess it’s time to just not rely on the miniSD card outside of shoving my camera images onto it. Since my 40 MB of RAM seems to go faster than my Venti Cap’s, I’ll have to take off Spb Diary and other non-essentials in hopes that will add some stability. Maybe Bill will get screwed over on his smartphone enough to buy another company to fix his issue much like he did when he got zapped with spyware and Microsoft purchased Giant. Here’s wishing! 😉

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