Alright, this is one clever idea. But realistically, can this take off like its developers are hoping? Perhaps in some areas of the world, but in the US?

Researchers at Warwick University, PVAXX Research and Motorola are showing off a prototype of a revolutionary biodegradable phone cover containing a Sunflower seed at this years Dead Ringers exhibition at the Science Musuem in London.

In an effort to stem the amount of waste produced by dumped mobile phones, researchers used a biodegradable polymer as mobile phone cladding and implanted a sunflower seed inside the phone. The phone cover biodegrades in compost, releasing important nutrients that nurse the growing sunflower seedling.

Id love to see this adopted by mobile manufacturers – it would be nice to see at least part of our gadgets being saved form the dump and reused to decorate our gardens ! Source: Coolest-Gadgets