I’ve been a Canon PowerShot fan for several generations now – dating back to the G2. Before that, I was a Sony digicam man (starting with their floppy-driven Mavica). I’ve owned several PowerShot digital cameras over the years, skipping most of the sub-compact models because they lacked features. Well, I learned that through regular usage, I really needed and wanted a sub-compact digital camera to carry with me wherever I went. Who’s gonna haul something around if it won’t fit in your pants pocket? Ponzi made me get rid of all my belt-clipped geek toys when we first met, so that option is completely out. Here’s my problem: I have both a PowerShot S2 IS and a PowerShot SD550 in my array. Two cameras, each with dramatically different features and functions. The S2 IS has amazing optical image stabilization. The SD550 has a diminutive shell. And never the ‘tween shall meet – until today.

Whenever I hear that Canon’s releasing a new digital camera, I rush to find out more. For a while there, they didn’t seem to be doing anything interesting (certainly, not worth the upgrade price). Someone lit a fire underneath their feet with recent revisions, though. In this latest round of updates, they’ve delivered quite a promising package – which became mine at some point this morning. The SD700 is a slick little beast, with optical image stabilization in a sexy little body. It doesn’t have a swivel screen or 10x optical zoom like my S2 IS does, but those shortcomings don’t seem so short when you consider the size compromise. The SD700 is much like the SD500, though it only does 6MP (versus 7MP in the SD550, 5MP in the S2 IS). Form factors are nearly identical, save a few external design tweaks. IMHO, the button placement in the SD550 is much more intuitive than the SD700 – but I’ll get used to the new layout in no time, I’m certain.

I like Canon’s digital cameras because of their typically-amazing image quality. Even without a flash, the SD700 takes a decent image (even in low light situations, where the new ISO 800 speed comes in handy). It’s definitely a point-and-shoot camera, which is exactly what I like to have at my disposal. There are times when I’d much rather have the comfort and control of a SLR, but when I think about lugging around such a beast… I fall in love with toys like the SD700 all over again. Of course, the movie options are still as awesome as ever – 640×480 at 30fps, or 320×240 at 60fps (for fast-action flicks). I have but one problem now: how to recoup costs by selling these other digital cameras!

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