As a company that has supported Macintosh gaming since its inception nearly a decade ago, it was only a matter of time before Running With Scissors found the right partner to make POSTAL 2: Share the Pain and its add-on scenario, Apocalypse Weekend available to Mac users worldwide via download.

That partner is UK based Vindico Technologies, the leading software hub for worldwide, secure and high-speed delivery of game software directly to Mac desktops. offers customer accounts with a purchase history, international monetary exchange, a user-friendly interface and secure payment technology. Finally, as a Macintosh-only hub, POSTAL Mac gamers can expect the smoothest possible transaction when dealing with

“Hey, any company that starts with the first three letters of my name is off to a good start,” boasted Running With Scissors’ CEO and Megalomaniac-in-Chief Vince Desi. “But seriously, I’ve been supporting the Mac ever since I helped launch Mac User magazine in the ’80s.” “We are extremely pleased to see the Mac Postal games arrive on the digital arena,” said Vindico Technologies director, Mark Hinton. “Deliver2Mac has provided Running With Scissors with a secure digital delivery solution for the Mac, enabling their Mac titles to be accessible regardless of location.”

Sidestepping censorship has become an art form for the World’s Most Dangerous Software Company, as was proven by its deal with Softwrap late last year whereby the POSTAL franchise became available to PC users across the planet via download. Now, with the final barrier to allowing the entire planet to go POSTAL has fallen.