Man, I would freaking love this! Unfortunately I just don’t see this happening where I live anytime soon. Maybe we will see more mobile VoIP options here in the States, but I am sure our heroes in regulation arena will quash that from spreading too much I am afraid…

You’ve gotten rid of the wire that connects your phone to the world. Perhaps you’re also paying a flat monthly fee for unlimited VoIP calls from your home or office. Now, if a move by Vonage UK becomes popular, you’ll be able to make unlimited calls from your mobile phone as well.

U.S.-based Internet-phone company Vonage announced Wednesday that it is teaming up with The Cloud, a provider of wireless broadband, to offer a mobile-phone service that will rely on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology to let users make calls through Wi-Fi hotspots in the UK.

According to Vonage, there will be no cumbersome log-on to connect through a VoIP hotspot. Users near a hotspot will simply make their calls. But if those using the service move outside a hotspot’s range, the call will be cut off and the user will have to revert to a conventional cellular network to make and receive calls — complete with traditional per-minute rates… Source: News Factor Network

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