Based on our Volkswagen TDIs article the other day, we had a few diesel fans submit their feedback. Here’s a few of the more interesting Gnomie stories:

Gabor Kovacs: In Hungary, we already have a law PROHIBITING biodiesel! Smart guys discovered about a year ago that common household corn oil (used for frying food) is as good as diesel oil – but costs about 10% less! This is because in diesel fuel, there are a lot of state taxes, higher VAT, etc. – while household cooking oil has a “normal” price. There is no difference, except only the smell (which is better than diesel). So, because the state lost a lot of revenue, a law was introduced prohibiting corn oil. The police started sniffing around diesel cars (literally). But, many people were interviewed at that time and 99% said that their car (any car) ran better on corn oil than diesel! Funny, isn’t it? Instead of promoting it, the state prohibits biodiesel – otherwise they can’t fill their pockets.

Jos: This is a great link for TDIs. I have been a VW diesel fan since I was 15 and have owned 4 of them – from the Rabbit to my Passat (and all being diesel). I’m currently running B100 that a friend of mine makes from fryer oil he gets from local restaurants.

David Kuespert: I have owned 3 VW diesels. The latest being a 2002. It is quiet. They use sound-deadening heads. You can’t tell it is a diesel, but at idle it is slightly louder. One other thing to note is the new ones have synthetic oil change only every 10,000 miles. I have over 125,000 miles on mine and still runs strong. I know of some with 350,000 and no major tune-ups, etc. I’ve only had to change the oxygen sensors at 100k. Cheapest car (to run) I have ever owned. On Craigslist, you can find a one year old for as low as 8k loaded! Don’t be afraid of highway miles. My first VW was a 1980 diesel VW truck! I just sold it on eBay last year after owning it for $1500 – what I paid for it 15 years ago! I only got rid of the second one because some guy hit me.

Just how much are YOU paying for gas in your neck of the woods? Biodiesel Fuel sounds nice right about now.

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