Based on Dan’s post on HP Inkjet Printer Cartridges, we (naturally) received a handful of feedback. I haven’t used an inkjet in years, and was actually considering picking up a new laser printer before too long. 99% of what I print out is text, so black toner is fine for me. Most Gnomies likely have inkjets, however – so what William H. Heino, Sr. says might pertain to you:

“HP ink cartridges have warranties. When you get a bad ink cartridge, they give you another one. That’s the way a warranty works. When you buy a recycled ink cartridge, with no warranty, it may work momentarily. Why should my printer shut down after purchasing a recycled ink cartridge – only to work again when an HP ink cartridge is inserted? HP forces you, according to pre-determined usage, to buy their ink cartridges – or they’ll effectively shut your printer down. Hewlett Packard recycles their ink cartridges by promoting that HP cartridges be returned for recycling using a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Allowing HP, through their “refurbishing and reselling” effort to conserve resources, to use the various recycling facilities of manufacturers around the world contracted through HP. There are other recyclers available to refurbish and recycle ink cartridges, but HP has potentially restricted the consumer the full use and operation of HP printers.

I can see why William would be frustrated, but that’s the price you pay (literally) for buying and using an HP printer. If you don’t like the way HP plays ball, then they have plenty of competitors. Let your pocketbook do the talking, dude. Nobody’s forcing anybody to buy HP products in the first place. Of course, William’s feedback was based on our original HP Slaps Cartridge World With Patent Infringement article.

Julian writes: “What you didn’t mention in your article was that HP and other hardware manufacturers make the majority of their profits from ink sales. Because I do quite a bit of printing, I found that the cost of ink is the largest expense I have in computing. One day, a couple of years ago, I stumbled into a site that sold cell phone stuff. I needed a protective case – they had a sale. GREAT! The price was less than half of what I would pay for it locally. Started dealing with them back then and been very happy. A while back, they started to handle ink. The day I got the promo email, I needed ink – so I took a look for my Canon printer. The cost of a cartrige was $2.90 per unit (on sale, of course). I could buy three full sets of cartriges for less than I pay for one at the local high-discount computer supply store. With their return policy, I ordered three sets – $38 and change.”

He continues: They work great. Since then, I wait for sales on their site, and then order ink for myself and a couple of friends. Unlike some online suppliers I’ve used in the past, I’ve never had a problem with the products or their quality (or the people there, who answer any questions within a couple of days and have always been direct and truthful in their replies). Not only have I been happy, but so has anyone who I ever sent to the site – never a complaint (at least to me, and my friens are a bunch of whiners). is the place. I think that other readers (Gnomies) may want to hear about this shopping site and save like I have.”

I’m probably never going to buy another inkjet as long as I live, largely because the ink starts to get expensive when you print as much as we do around here. I’d just as soon pay more for a printer, and more for a cartridge that’s going to last longer and provide excellent results at a higher DPI. You can keep your ink and ink refill kits; my hands don’t get messy anymore.

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