Not too long back I received this from Jorge:

I have a problem with my new ABIT UL8 Socket 939 Motherboard. For some reason, it will not save to the CMOS when I make changes to the BIOS settings. It will not save and it just sits there with out booting up (It will not turn off.) I have to reset the CMOS to get it to boot up but I can not make any changes to the BIOS so if my OS on my hard drive crashes or something; I will not be able to use it at all because I can not make change to the BIOS setting to boot up from a CD first so that I can re-install my OS. Every time I turn the computer OFF, I have to reset the CMOS so you can imagine how annoying that is. Also, the CMOS will flash. I thought that it could be the battery but why will it not save in the first place?

Being the sort of guy that I am, my intial reaction is to dismiss it as a bad BIOS chip. Then again, I have you guys (and ladies)! So with this I ask you: What could Jorge try that might take care of this? Please spare me the “buy a new board’ comments as that is a little too obvious. Instead, I would like to hear about any alternative thoughts that he might be able to try. Those of you who have suggestions will be mentioned here by first name only, so no worries about privacy. This Gnomie needs you!