The number one question asked by many since the early April release of Boot Camp has been, will more people purchase a Mac because of the new software? According to MacPolls, nearly 6,000 respondents say they will buy the newest MacIntels because of the dual-boot feature as opposed to the 2,400 who said no. That’s a huge 62% of those polled that have been enticed enough by one little free beta product to purchase a piece of hardware that they once wouldn’t have not.

Merrill Lynch seems to think that Apple will get a slight increase of sales with Boot Camp but, “we are not yet convinced it will increase by an amount sufficient to dramatically change earnings power,” Rich Farmer of Merril Lynch stated. Yet others are more optimistic such as Dennis Sellers of Macsimum who boldly claims in a story headline, “Apple could double market share“. Now Sellers isn’t mad, he’s being realistic and figures the market share could only grow to 7% but is hopeful with a 15% slice of the pie. The Mac Observer agrees that Mac share is going to increase because of Boot Camp and even points out what a ripple this release has caused, saying, “It may be that only the transition from Classic Mac OS to Mac OS X has generated this much tension in our microcosm.”

But proofs in the pudding, right? All these articles of speculation and optimism are great, but they don’t make Wall Street buy stocks. It’s people actually purchasing a Mac because of Boot Camp that will make AAPL shares rise. Well, some are in fact going to the Apple Store and buying Macs for the first time. A recent announcement from Apple is that 50% of new MacIntel sales from its retail outlets are coming from those that have never owned a Mac before. One of my closest friend’s colleague just bought his first Mac because of Boot Camp. So fact is, people are buying Macs because of Boot Camp. (Think what will happen if Leopard has the rumored virtualization!) It will be only a matter of time before figures are out to confirm the new trend of Mac purchases. Apple’s new “Get a Mac” ads may have been wisely planned for release just after boot camp graduation.

Dennis Sellers does say one interesting thing in his article when he states, “I donít realistically expect Mac OS X to overtake Windows in market share.” But what if, just what if, people do get Macs because of Boot Camp and start using OS X and then ditch Windows and word gets out? Rome wasn’t built in a day…nor destroyed in a single one. It’s entirely possible that Microsoft’s OS reign could be at an end soon and Apple’s back again.

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