Some people like for programs to look pretty. For those people (who like Firefox as well) there is CuteMenus. CuteMenus adds an icon next to just about every option and menu inside of Firefox. There is no extra functionality here. This extension just makes Firefox look better.

So what is CuteMenus about? Here is what the developer has to say.

This is a continuation of CuteMenus – Crystal, this one contains the Crystal icons but it has been updated to work with all available versions of Firefox, Flock and Thunderbird. Extensions are also actively iconified. In the forum on the CuteMenu Homepage you can request missing icons to be added in the next release, or you can read the tutorial on how to do it yourself and then submit the code to the forum for everyone else to use in future versions.

One advantage of using CuteMenus is it is a little easier to find the choice you are looking for. Often it is easier to recognize an icon, rather than reading all the choices you might have in a menu.

For more information about this extension, check out

This Firefox extension is for versions .8 and up of the browser. If you want to download it and try it out for yourself, you can do so at the Mozilla Update Web site.

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