Well folks, the latest results are in with regard to the best course of action for taking care of a persistent BIOS problem. The gnomie that initially asked this question will certainly appreciate the answers that were emailed in:

Gordon suggests-

The most likely source of the problem is motherboard firmware, an update may solve his particular cmos setup. The other idea is to swap out or change the cmos settings or peripherals that makeup the current configuration. I have encountered several enormous performance differences only after timely firmware updates. I have also found solutions by swapping cards, drives and memory chips.

Howard has another thought on the matter-

1st thing: New motherboard? RETURN IT! I came across a DFI with a BIOS that Everest reported as Not For Retail and it could be flashed but would not update its instructions, just the new date. The motherboard also had no connections from the onboard temp sensors to the Bios…not even the fans! The Bios selection was missing entirely! The store replaced it and the buyer there was “mightly” upset! My advice, just return it as quickly as possible.

There you have it folks, two different perspectives on one annoying motherboard issue. With any luck, the gnomie in question can get this resolved. After all, no one enjoys dealing with this sort of thing…