I’ve gotta tell ya, there are a lot of Web sites missing out on a lot of attention.

I talk to folks with dialup Internet connections all the time. Many of them are fed up with sites that are optimized for broadband at the expense of any reasonable kind of speed for the rest of the surfers. I have dialup at work, and I know that when I go to a site that loads too slowly, I just click right on by. The site owners don’t necessarily know that, because their counters are registering the hits, but many times a day I go past sites and never see their pages.

It is not necessary to have portal pages that immediately try to load a Flash presentation or 90 seconds worth of graphics. Providing a choice on the portal, which some do but many do not, allows the customers to decide how their time should be used. When I’m at home, with 4000 Mb+ download speed, sometimes I opt to watch the presentation, but many times I don’t, and skip those pages as well. Those folks are missing out on a lot of ad clicks and other revenue-producing activity, simply because they seem to need to show off the designer’s technical ability.

Well, guess what, folks? It’s been a couple of years since those things impressed anyone. Clean sites that get you where you want to go so you can get on with your life are the big thing today. Time to catch up and clean up. Show and tell time is over.

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