Even though I can’t draw to save my life, I’ve always thought about how cool it would be to develop a comic strip. In fact, when I was much younger, my desire to do this was so strong that I attempted to start one, but I don’t even think I was able to get past the first panel successfully. My work may have stunk, but there are definitely some talented people out there, and it can be really enjoyable to examine their graphical creations. Mai’Nada Comics is a fun service that gives those of us (excuse me… you) with some imagination and talent the ability to sketch out your ideas and share them with others.

The site itself is a little sloppy (especially the copy), but if you look past these things, then you’ll probably enjoy your time here, especially if you can draw. Their comic strip creation tool is actually rather nice, and if you have a drawing tablet, then you’re sure to be able to make more precise use of the features. Your drawings can be saved and blogged, and visitors to Mai’Nada Comics can watch your creations take shape on the screen. Each drawing can be rated, and this provides a good way for you to quickly find out what people really think of your talent.