It occurred to me that I hadn’t updated you on my weight loss progress in a while. A couple of months ago, as you might remember, I reported my weight to the world. I did this for a couple of reasons: one, I needed to embarass myself to the point where I’d do something about the problem; two, I wanted to establish a point in time. My 5’5″ frame shouldn’t be much heavier than 150 pounds. I’ve got broad shoulders, but that’s no excuse for having a protruding gut. Having lost weight twice before, I knew that I was in for a tremendous challenge. The goal was (and still is) weighing in at 145 pounds on my scale. As of today, I’m less than five pounds away from maintenence mode. Considering I’ve dropped 25 pounds in just over two months, I’d consider that quite an accomplishment. It’s going to be difficult to maintain this weight, but I now have to set into stone certain goals and milestones to keep me from bloating to the 175+ range again. Certainly, my clothes fit a lot better than they have in a long time – and I’m confident that I have a healthier balance of fat and muscle on my body.

I love food! The most difficult part of “doing this” is remembering to stop eating before I feel full. I have a daily calorie allotment that I’ve found easier to track through CalorieKing’s software. I know how much I’m eating, when I’m eating it, and what basic nutrients I might need more of on any given day. Twenty-five pounds lost, and I’m trying to make ’em lost forever. I can’t forget where I was, and I can’t forget to keep myself in check on a regular basis. Technology has certainly helped me through this entire process, too. I couldn’t have done it without the support of my electronic friends, some of whom (you?) are also going through a weight loss program. No fancy pills, no miracle diets, just good ol’ common sense: dietary consciousness and regular exercise. If you’ve been looking for motivation to lose some weight, look no further than me for a little inspiration. “If Pirillo can do it, anybody can” really should ring true with you. I’m not selling any supplements, and I’m not selling some kind of self-help guide (though perhaps I should). Change doesn’t happen overnight, either way.

Event goals have proven to be succesful motivators for me; I wanted to be 30lbs lighter by Gnomedex, then be able to exceed that goal (or maintain the weight) until my wedding later this year. Now that I’ve come close to hitting my target weight, I’m setting up for the long haul. Restaurants are the greatest challenge, especially when I’m traveling. It’s not just portion control, it’s controling yourself to the point where you don’t have to think about what you’re eating all the time. I can ballpark ounces, I can ballpark calories, I can ballpark my daily intake and expenditures. It’s not just about losing fat, though – it’s making sure I don’t lose immense amounts of muscle mass at the same time. Hence, the exercise component (but not boring exercise, mind you – I’m playing video games). I have about five more pounds of fat to go before I can stop burning it (though I know I have a bit more than five pounds of fat on my frame right now). Anywhere between 140lbs and 145lbs is a good weight for my body type. I’ll be there soon enough. As a geek, perhaps you need to lose a few pounds, too. Whatcha waiting for?

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